Microverse Studios

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Business Size: 6-10
Phone: (410) 279-2603

140 Pinewoods Street
Ponte Vedra, Florida 32081

About Microverse StudiosMicroverse studios is a 3D animation studio that specializes in cellular and molecular subject matter. We combine science, filmmaking, and storytelling to help life science companies, principally biotech and pharmaceutical companies, explain how their technologies and therapies. Because the audiences we speak to are usually investors, pharmaceutical partnerships, and health care providers, we have to bring a great deal of precision and scientific acumen to bear on our work.
What differentiates you from the competition?Our dedication to cinematic excellence, scientific expertise, and customer service put us in a very small group of providers. What puts us at the top is our unique creative process that ensures our clients productions stand out like no other.
What are your top selling services or products that your company offers?Scientific animation is our number one service, but we also produce interactivity, illustration, and science writing.
If you had one message to get across to future customers, what would it be?Animation is the industry standard for communicating deep and complex science. Your audience will see hundreds or thousands of animations before and after yours. We can make sure that it's yours that they remember.
What is the biggest marketing challenge that you will face in the upcoming year?We have a strong value proposition and we make a big impact, so our biggest marketing challenge has always been getting our message in front of our target clients.

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